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Deformers In Unity

Going from using vanilla out of the box tools to writing your won deformer requires you to have a strong understanding of two things, performance optimization and deformation algorithm. In an environment like Maya they are both equally important (to over-simplify things). In a real-time environment like Unity performance is much more important. If ain't fast then it's worthless. Vanilla Unity doesn't have deformers because it's an engine not a rigging software, but sometimes a deformer is required.

So I decided to try and take my Maya C++ deformer experience and try things out in Unity. Here's a simple demo of a softMod-esque behavior. I did this test just using the update method which wouldn't be a good solution for an in-game implementation, but it was a great intro into the methods available in the Unity Mesh class.

While not a deformer I highly reccomend This video by Scruffy which explains implicit surfaces in a very fun way.

I also reccomend this I found while researching deformers for unity


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