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Universal Deformer Weight Tool (Early Release)

Over the last few months I have been working on a tool that give you more options on how to manipulate deformer weights and blendShape deltas.

There are a few features that I still want to implement, but it is still very useful in it's current form, and so I'm going to release the current version of it, so that I can begin getting some feedback on it as I finish up the remaining features.

You can get the tool here:

You just need to put the two scripts into your Maya scripts folder, and then run the following script

import deformer_utils_ui deformer_utils_ui.deformer_ui().show()

For those of you that are curious here is a list of the features that I still want to implement into the UI, most of these features are available through the utility scripts already.

  • Handle sculpt deformer weights

  • Improve how the ui handles the UI queue

  • Add an option to the ui filter out ngSkin influences with zero weights

  • Provide the ui functionality to split weights/deltas onto multiple deformers/deltas

  • Add "closest point on surface" as a matching option

  • Add "UV space" as a matching option

  • Add the ui functionality to extract deltas (and perform other related functions)

  • Provide ui functions to convert wire, softMod, and softSelect deformations to single weights

  • Extend the utilities to work with ngSkin weights.

  • Look into methods of displaying weights for nurbs curves and nurbs surfaces.

  • Macro functions.

  • Make the UI a bit cleaner

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