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Exploring Pyside

So I've been vaguely aware of Pyside, Qt, and PyQt for a while, but I never really explored them. As I mentioned in my post about bi-directional constraints it would nice if you could have a UI that would allow you to simulate reordering the hierarchy without having to deal with a bunch of enum attributes which could potentially become cyclical. As far as I know there is no mel-based UI controls that would allow you to create something like that.

So as a little side project this weekend I decided I would do a little crash course on Pyside to try and see what it can do. This isn't intended to be a tutorial, this is just a for me to document my own learning process and make people aware of Pyside who may not have heard of it.

So Pyside is object oriented. It was really good to get some more practice working with object oriented programming because I rarely find myself in a situation where it would be helpful. I tried out some of the widgets and messed around with style sheets. Already Pyside is shaping up to be a more versatile way to design UI's than MEL.

Thing you can do in Pyside but not MEL:

Color text

Change font size

Change the font of text

Change the typeface of text

Change colors when pressed or hovering over a button

Give buttons colored borders

Make buttons with rounded corners

And make more widgets! (though not all of them are useful in Maya)

Here are some the resources I found useful

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