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Inside / Outside Detector Part 2

So the inside / outside detector itself isn't that useful by itself, but I was thinking about how to expand upon it to maybe get some cheap approximations of collisions. My thought process was as follows: when the the point is outside the surface, do nothing, when it is inside push it outside by sliding it along a user-defined vector until it is outside. The "slide until" part was the issue, because I don't know of any node system that would do that without being cyclical. But then I realized I had seen the technique I was trying to figure out in this demo ( So I decided to whip up a quick script, since the steps required for the technique require using menus I rarely go into. Below is a little demo of the script.

There still might be something to this inside outside technique, maybe if I could define a gradient inside of the surface that would make the the output non-binary. Something to ponder.

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