Better Binding On The TranslateUVN Deformer

One of the known issues for the translateUVN deformer (and all the other custom deformers I had made that used bindData) is that they created bind data for every component on the shape even if that component was not included in the deformerSet. I set it up this way for two reasons:

  1. So that if a user added a new component to the deformer it would already have bind data and they wouldn't need to rebind it.

  2. Because I didn't know how to get the contents of the deformerSet in a command.

Both of these reasons are pretty stupid (especially the second one), and binding every component becomes really bad once you start dealing with hi-poly geometry. So I've made the switch and now binding only happens on a limited number of components. This also has the lovely benefit of shrinking the fileSize. It's a bit annoying that the MFnGeometryFilter class doesn't let you get the component set for the deformer directly, but going through MFnSet is easy enough.

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