translateUVN Deformer - Penultimate Update

So I've talked about making this deformer since 2016 (you can still see my terribly proof-of-concept using expressions on this blog). But it wasn't until the beginning of 2019 that I started learning the Maya API. I had a python version working at the end of 2019 but I never actually ended up posting that proof-of-concept video (probably because I was too lazy to record it). That python deformer had a lot of problems that I talk about in this video. This isn't the final post for this project.

There's a little bit more to do. When that final post goes up I'll go into detail about how it works because hopefully that info will be helpful to other people making weird deformers because this is one weird deformer. It has multiple paintable maps, an array of "influences", a component-level deformer set, an associated command, and it used to be a spacial deformer. I never got to use the multithread of gpu functionality because the MFnNurbsSurface methods I used are not threadsafe, but maybe next time.

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