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Motion Media Animation

Vietnam War - Eve of Destruction

For this project I was heavily inspired by the intro sequences to the shows "Race to the White House", and "Pacific". 

Symphony of Science -Poetry of Reality

For this project I used the song "Poetry of Reality" by Symphony of science. It is a song that draws parallels between the the beauty of science and the beauty of art.

In this video incorporated scientific iconography from various fields and as well as many organic textures. The video is tied together by flowing lines of motion and a primarily centered composition. Below are images of the Voyager space crafts disk, a image of ions flowing through a liquid hydrogen chamber, and a microscope image of diatoms. These three images are strongly associated with science but also exhibit artistic beauty. 

Mr. Blue Sky - ELO

For this project I used the song Mr. Blue Sky by ELO. I tried to keep with the upbeat audio by using a primary color scheme.

Flash - Queen

For this project I used the song Flash by Queen. I combined some space iconography and a saturated rainbow color scheme.

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