December 15, 2018

In a previous post I talk about fast planar projections onto spheres. After I put that out I wondered if it were possible to do the same thing with other shapes.  If you haven't read that original post, I would recommend it because in this post I am only going to cover...

July 21, 2018

Raycasting is a very important concept to understand in computer graphics. Basically raycasting is like aiming a laser pointer along a vector and seeing if the beam hits something. Disney Studios made a great video that explains raycasting in the context of rendering h...

March 19, 2018

Let's say I want to set up a movable pivot. Pretty simple, we just need to put a group under the control and multiply the translations of the control by -1 and plug them into the group. That way when you translate the control around all the children of the control stay...

March 6, 2018

So here's a deceptively simple challenge. I have two objects, and  I want to be able to switch (not blend) between the first acting as the parent of the second and the second acting as the parent of the first.

Your first instinct might be to create buffer grou...

February 26, 2018

So this is my attempt to recreate the effects of a tool made by Judd Simantov at Naughty Dog. It is a simply distance based muscle simulation. 

How it works

  1. There are two pairs of locators.

  2. They drive the CV position of two linear curves.

  3. The are lo...

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May 10, 2020

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